Huntersville NC – August Real Estate Market Report

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Huntersville , North Carolina

Closed Sales

Home sales in Huntersville dipped slightly in August. However the numbers remain relatively close. Going back a year and looking at August of 2018 sales remain consistent across the board.

August 166
July 184
June 161
August 2018 173

Months Supply

Inventory of homes in Huntersville remains to hover around the 3 month supply point. This number points to a continued sellers market.

August 2.9
July 3.2
June 3.0
August 2018 2.8

Homes For Sale The number of homes on the market has hovered around 400 recently.  That may seem like a large supply of homes however hovering between 160 and 180 homes sold per month over the last year the inventory still creates a sellers market.

August 408
July 440
June 419
August 2018 403

Average Sales Price

Average sales prices in Huntersville over the past year have gone between $320,000 and $340,000.

August $338,547
July $336,749
June $330,920

August 2018 $327,507

Median Days on Market

August 42
July 40
June 51

August 2018 44


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Davidson – August Real Estate Report

Davidson, North Carolina

Closed Sales

Closed sales in Davidson dipped a bit in Augst, however looking back a year in August of 2018 54 homes were for sale.

August 44

July 54

June 58

August 2018 54

Months Supply

Generally a 6 month supply or more is viewed as the beginning of a buyers type market. However Davidson remains very much in demand despite the around 5 month supply. I would still characterize Davidson as currently still being in a sellers type market.

August 5

July 5.2

June 5.0

August 2018 4.70

Median Days on Market

Median days on market has fluctuated from the 20’s to nearly forty days over the past year.

August 39

July 34

June 25

August 2018 36

Homes For Sale

The number of homes for sale In Davidson the past 3 months has stayed relatively consistent. August  of 2018 Homes for sale were under 200. the Inventory has incrementally increased over the year.

August 221

July 224

June 218

August 2018 197

Average Home Price

The average closed home price in Davison has ranged from around $450,000 to $520,000

August $449,935

July $487,938

June $513,00

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Cornelius NC – August Real Estate Market Report

downloaddownload (1)imagesCornelius Closed

August 2019 84

Home sales in Cornelius dipped a bit in August, however sales have remain strong over the past year.

July 92

June 97

August 2018 104

Median Days on Market

Over the last 3 months the median days on market has trended upward and increased. However going back a year to August 2018  Median days on market were very similar to the last few months.

August 26

July 22

June 17

August 20018 23

Monthly Supply

Home Supplies for Cornelius have remained relatively consistent over the past year. This numbers indicate that the real estate market in Cornelius continues to be a sellers market.

August 3.4

July 3.2

June 3.5

August 2018 3.6

Homes For Sale

There are slightly less homes on the market than a  year ago at this time. However homes on the market over the year has stayed relatively consistent over this period.

August 235

July 217

June 242

August 2018 269

Closed Prices


Non- Waterfront

Over the past year  average home prices have ranged between 340,000 and 400,000.  Keep in mind that this includes the massive 6 bedroom home with the more common 3 bedroom home.

$395,215 August

$327, 808 July

$354,951 June

$343,918 August 2018

Waterfront/ Waterview

The number of waterfront and waterview homes  closed each month in Cornelius are far fewer than the non waterfront/non waterview homes. Therefor the sample sizes form month to month can are relatively small. This can skew the data a bit from month to month. Over the past year the average home cost of these type of properties ranged from $700,000 to over $900,000.

$727,247 August

$706,622 July

$815,762 August 2018


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